Our Team

Our Team

We’ve assembled a dynamic team of individuals, comprised of top scholars and scientists, world-class museum collaborators and a diverse cross section of Colorado River stakeholders to reveal what’s exciting, what’s important and what’s at stake for our future. The project is enthusiastically supported by more than a dozen project partners.

Southern Nevada Water Authority

The Southern Nevada Water Authority is a cooperative, not-for-profit organization formed in 1991 to address Southern Nevada’s water needs on a regional basis. Serving more than 2 million Southern Nevada residents and more than 40 million annual visitors, the Authority is responsible for treatment and delivery of Southern Nevada’s Colorado River resources, as well as implementing aggressive water conservation programs and conducting long-term resource planning.

A leader in water conservation and efficiency, the Authority has set a high standard for outreach and education. From its turf removal program to investments in water efficient technology, the Authority looks for and implements opportunities to reduce demands while maximizing the efficiency of regional water supplies.

The Authority also has experience in exhibition design and development. Under a shared staffing agreement with the Las Vegas Valley Water District (District), the Authority’s management and staff are responsible for operations of the $250-million Springs Preserve, a 180-acre cultural institution located in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Authority’s Colorado River Traveling Exhibition Project Team is comprised of individuals who work simultaneously for the Authority, District and Springs Preserve. These individuals have managed all aspects of Preserve operations, including curation of new exhibitions and implementation of the Preserve’s traveling exhibit program.

The Colorado River Traveling Exhibition project, a collaborative initiative that will involve many stakeholders, furthers the Authority’s vision to be a global leader in service, stewardship and sustainability.

The Water Education Foundation

Formed in 1977, the Water Education Foundation provides nonpartisan, in-depth information about water resource issues in California and the West. Taking a steady pulse of the water world, the Foundation provides a collection of educational materials, products and services such as tours of key water regions, workshops, the Foundation’s flagship online publication, Western Water, and Project WET (Water Education for Teachers).

The Water Education Foundation is a nonprofit, tax-exempt, 501(c)3 organization. The Foundation’s mission is to create a better understanding of water resources and foster public understanding and resolution of water resource issues through facilitation, education and outreach.

The Foundation’s Colorado River Project, established in 1997, is dedicated to educating people about the challenges facing the Upper and Lower Colorado River Basins and assisting the many stakeholders in reaching common ground. The Project includes an annual Lower Colorado River Tour, news articles on key topics involving the Colorado River, easy-to-understand guides on the river and the delta in Mexico, an educational poster-size map on the river basin and the biennial Colorado River Symposium, an invitation only stakeholder event held in Santa Fe where the Colorado River Compact was negotiated and signed in 1922. The Colorado River Traveling Exhibition’s tour will explore the compact on its historic 100th anniversary in 2022.

Scientists and Scholars

Hydrology Team

Paul Miller
Service Coordination Hydrologist
Colorado Basin River Forecast Center/NOAA

Michelle Stokes
Colorado Basin River Forecast Center/NOAA

Frank Niepold
Climate Education Coordinator
Climate Program Office NOAA/UCAR

Connie Woodhouse
Professor, School of Geography and Development
University of Arizona
Climate Assessment for the Southwest
NOAA National Climatic Data Center

Jeffrey Deems
Research Scientist
Western Water Assessment
National Snow and Ice Data Center/CIRES

Dan Cayan
California-Nevada Climate Applications Program
Climate Atmospheric Science and Physical Oceanography
University of California, San Diego

Humanities Team

Michael Green
Associate Professor of History
University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Donald Fixico
Distinguished Foundation Professor of History
School of Historical, Philosophical & Religious Studies
Arizona State University

Andy Kirk
Professor & Chair, Department of History
University of Nevada, Las Vegas

John Fleck
Professor of Practice in Water Policy and Governance
Director of Water Resources
University of New Mexico

April Summitt
Dean at the College of Arts & Sciences
La Sierra University, California

Patricia Limerick
Faculty Director and Chair of the Board of the Center of the American West
Professor of History
University of Colorado, Boulder

Mark Bouman
Chicago Region Program Director of the Keller Science Action Center
The Field Museum

Project Partners

Museum Collaborators

The Field Museum Exhibitions Department will serve as exhibition adviser, overseeing the refinement of the conceptual plan and participating in the design and development of the final plan.

About the Field Museum

The Field Museum inspires curiosity about life on Earth while exploring how the world came to be and how we can make it a better place. We invite visitors, students, educators, and scientists from around the world on a journey of scientific discovery. As educators, we inspire wonder and understanding.

  • Our exhibitions tell the story of life on Earth
  • Our collections solve scientific mysteries
  • Our research opens new vistas
  • Our science is put into action for a healthy planet

Field Museum Project Consultant Team:

Jaap Hoogstraten, Director of Exhibitions

Álvaro Amat, Exhibitions Design Director

Amy Bornkamp, Senior Manager of Exhibition Planning & Partnerships

Matt Matcuk, Exhibitions Development Director

For more on the Field Museum, click here.

Project Managment

Amy Best
Exhibition Project Manager/Special Projects Manager
Southern Nevada Water Authority

Colby Pellegrino
Water Resources Director
Southern Nevada Water Authority

Jena Antonchuk
Exhibition Project Coordinator
Southern Nevada Water Authority

Jennifer Bowles
Executive Director
Water Education Foundation

Beth Stern
Development Director
Water Education Foundation

Special Thanks

Special thanks to our Conceptual Plan funding partners, advisory committee members and The Field Museum team for getting this project started and providing a solid foundation for next steps. Envisioned as a powerful tool to help us explore our many connections to the Colorado River, the exhibition will support environmental literacy and invite the public to learn how we can all contribute to a more sustainable future.

Many thanks also go to EcoFlight, Raise the River and Water Education Foundation for providing support for project research efforts.