The Exhibition

The Exhibition

Featuring touchable objects, interactive technology, immersive environments and more, the Colorado River Traveling Exhibition will engage visitors in the complex story of the Colorado River. From prehistoric to modern times, visitors will connect with the Colorado River as a critical local, regional and global resource; learn how human and natural systems interact; discover the potential risks and consequences of human activities and natural events to people, environments and economies; and explore how their actions, stakeholder collaborations and innovation can help to sustain the river.

We’re Taking the River on the Road

When we see our own reflection in the river, we see the need for change.

5,000 ft.²
Colorado River Exhibition
featuring immersive, interactive content

2,500 ft.²
Optional Exhibition Components
for local content

5 Year Tour
15 Museums
1 million Visitors

Perfect Timing

The Exhibition is planned to tour in 2022, which marks the 100-year anniversary of the 1922 Colorado River Compact. The Exhibition is expected to begin its tour at museums in the seven states that make up the river’s basin, then tour nationally thereafter.

The Exhibition Concept

Museum exhibits are compelling tools that transcend facts and figures. Exhibits provide immersive experiences that connect people with trusted content.

The Colorado River Traveling Exhibition Conceptual Plan is the result of a year-long initiative to explore the viability and potential content of the project. The images and text contained within the conceptual plan are strictly conceptual. An advisory committee of diverse stakeholders, scholars and scientists will inform the final look, feel and content of the exhibition.

For a PDF file of the complete Conceptual Plan, click here.

Beyond The Exhibition

Visitors can engage in discussions and exploration beyond the exhibition. The project will include a speakers’ series, website, educational resources for K-12 and continuing engagement with the river.

Education for K-12

The exhibition will include pre- and post-visit educational curriculum to support K-12 field trip programs. Education materials will support the academic disciplines of the humanities and STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), and will reflect the approaches used in the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).

Speakers Series

The exhibition will be accompanied by a speaker discussion series. Numerous scientists and humanities experts throughout the seven basin states and U.S. can offer compelling perspectives on a variety of topics related to the Colorado River, including history, culture, Native American heritage, conservation, literature, and engineering.

Exhibition Website

Curious minds can access information contained in the exhibition and dig deeper into the issues of interest by accessing the exhibition website. The site will include pre- and post-visit school curriculum, tour booking information, a calendar of events, and recognition and links to key exhibition partners/funders.

Continuing Exploration

Access Western Water, a Water Education Foundation online publication devoted to providing unbiased information on the current and emerging news about water in the West. Visitors ready to see the river first hand also can participate in a three-day river tour. Learn more.

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